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About Us

From day one, we strategically planned and developed ourselves to be an employer of choice. Our continual focus of building a strong and cohesive team with a positive culture enables us to offer our clients quality performance and workmanship.

Rusty Russell

The Double R Story

Double R Equipment Repairs has been a quality service provider to industry for over ten years. Founded by Rusty Russell in 2005, the Company now employees over 90 personnel from three branches located in Karratha and Leinster in Western Australia and Mudgee in NSW.

The Company stands on a solid foundation with diversity of services across the transport, construction, coal, iron ore, gold and nickel sectors.

Double R prides itself on our dedicated team and established culture. Double R management consists of trade experience at every level including the Managing Director, Branch Managers, Workshop Managers, Supervisors and Leading Hands. In addition to in house administration support including HR, WHS, Administration Coordinators and Accounts Manager.

Double R is large enough to provide clients with security of financial capability, on hand resources including personnel, management, plant, equipment and infrastructure, while retaining the attributes of a smaller organisation with delivery of value though resourcefulness, adaptability and responsive action.

The Company holds environmental and safety standards to the high level expected by our extensive client base. This is driven by Double R’s ten year company experience in addition to the bulk years of management and team industry experience.

What does Double R stand for?

  • EXPERIENCE - 10 years of local service provision to industry
  • QUALITY - Standing behind all that we do.
  • VALUE - Providing effective and accountable services.
  • CAPABILITY - Never say no. Trade services to out of the ordinary.
  • SAFETY - Industry compliant with safety culture.

Why should you engage Double R?

  • TEAM - A great culture committed to their clients
  • ONE STOP - Extensive services available at the door step
  • ADAPTIVE - Develops customised solutions to the need
  • RESPONSIVE - Delivering and exceeding expectations
  • RELIABLE - Consistency of delivery